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What Is Soma?

Soma is scientifically known as Carisoprodol and it works as a typical muscle relaxant. The medication is partially soluble in water and is soluble with other substances such as acetone, alcohol and chloroform.

This medication is usually taken alone but can also be mixed with other substances such as aspirin or codeine to form a lethal concoction. Abusers of this substance usually take it for the highly sedative and relaxing effects which it produces, but others prefer using the substance because it has a variety of narcotic effects on the user.

Just like any other psychoactive medication, abuse of this drug would rapidly lead to high levels of tolerance whereby the user would require more of the substance to get into a euphoric state. This effect would cause an abuser to increasingly shift up the standard dosage up to levels that would be potentially harmful for the body. Side effects related to abusing this substance are many and vary in intensity depending on one’s level of tolerance.

What Is Soma?

For this reason, people who have a history of drug addiction are advised to never take Soma because it can result in disastrous consequences. For use as a typical muscle relaxant, Soma is only available on prescription. But since carisorodol isn’t a proscribed substance, some erroneously assume that the compound doesn’t have any potential for abuse. However, research has revealed that the medication is susceptible to abuse, particularly amongst teenagers who see it as a cheaper and more accessible alternative to hard drugs such as cocaine or heroin.

The metabolic effect of this medication is what usually results in abuse. Soma on its own is not addictive, but when it passes through the liver it is broken down into a more dangerous compound usually known as meprobamate and this is what causes the addictive effects.

In general doctors will only approve Soma for limited use, not exceeding 2 or 3 weeks. Taking the substance for more than this standard duration is very likely to increase levels of dependendency.

Side Effects of Carisprodol Misuse

Individuals who are addicted to alcohol or other drugs are at greater risk of developing an addiction to the medication. Soma is not a recommended treatment option for people who have a history of substance abuse. Avoiding alcohol and drugs during treatment can greatly cut down the unwanted effects of this medication. If the patient is considering a short period of use of this medication then there are other less risky alternatives which may be considered for use other than Soma.

The dosage required in order to experience the euphoric effects is around 350 mg. Some of the common effects experienced are euphoria, somnolence and dysphoria. The duration of use and the intensity of this medication largely depend on the tolerance levels of the user.

In some people Soma can result in a whole spectrum of side-effects that will interfere with a person’s capacity to operate machines, to handle firearms or to drive due to muscle impairments. However, the intensity of the side-effects will lessen as therapy progresses as is the case with withdrawal from other similar medications.