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Soma Addiction Symptoms

Soma is mainly prescribed by physicians as a remedy for patients suffering from muscle ache and spasms. But over the past few years this drug has been hitting the headlines due the large numbers of people who abuse it.

Though some point out that the medication represents a low toxicity risk, particularly when used as a single unit, it can still be the cause of some major toxic effects especially when it is used together with several other similar medications as a cocktail. Interactions which occur between Soma and some antidepressants, hypnotics, antihistamines or even alcohol could result in very serious consequences and users are advised never to take such concoctions.

Research indicates that when used for more than two weeks this substance results in synergistic effects, brought about by interaction with chemicals found in other substances. In cases which are extreme, abusive use of the drug could lead to sporadic heart spasms that can consequently cause heart attacks which may lead to a coma, or even prove fatal.

Soma Addiction Symptoms

Psycho Motor Effects – Some patients also experience mild cases of psycho motor slowing when treated with this medication over time, or if there is a sudden increase in dosage. The effect of this is to slow down psycho motor ability and lead to slow rates of reaction. Basic signs of psycho motor impairment include drowsiness, vertigo and poor muscle coordination. Soma abuse will slow down standard reaction times and can result in compromised driving abilities, which in turn increases the danger of road traffic accidents in users who take the substance on regular basis.

The drug is also known to cause psychological effects and can hamper the brain’s capacity to retain episodic memory. This causes impairment of an individual’s capacity to correctly remember the sequences of events that happened recently. Higher dosage levels may consequently result in depressive moods, but discontinuing the dosage could help in controlling these symptoms after the original withdrawal effects have worn off.

When measuring the amount of the drug in the system it must be noted that body mass is a very important factor in such measurements. Typically, the human metabolism slows down when body mass is greater and this results in longer durations during which the drug can be detected in the human body. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that Soma doesn’t have negative effects on overweight users. Rather its effects are latent and may still have grave consequence even if preliminary side-effects may not be immediately obvious in overweight users of the drug.

For a certain percentage of this population, users can test positive for longer than the accepted standard duration, more so in situations where chronic abuse has become evident. People who also have health-related symptoms linked to extensive chronic abuse and show slowed metabolic reactions may also have great difficulty in correctly testing for the amounts of the compound found within the system.

Addiction levels vary greatly depending on the person’s tolerance levels. Some abusers will require extensive therapeutic sessions while others can begin to heal in the first few weeks of therapy.