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Soma Addiction Signs

The drug Soma is also sold in generic form as carisoprodol and is used in conjunction with physical therapy or relaxation techniques to lessen the effects of muscle pain. It is important to realize that all medications can result in various side-effects and these adverse effects can vary in their level of severity. Even before prescription, your physician needs to have considered all of the factors involved and estimated that the benefits to the patient will outweigh the risk of any possible symptoms that may present.

Reactions – Before being diagnosed as fit to use Soma, it is important to ensure that you are not allergic to the substance or other related substances such as mebutamate, meprobamate or even tybamate. You must contact the doctor immediately if you experience sensations such as itching, dizziness, breathing difficulties or swelling since these are very common symptoms which may be signs of allergic tendencies. In addition to these one can also experience constant headaches, lowered blood pressure and also face flushes amongst many other related effects.

Soma Addiction Signs

Should you experience extreme weakness, joint aches, enlarged pupils or mood swings it is advisable to discontinue the medication and instead get in touch with a medical practitioner as soon as possible. Since Soma has been known to result in sedative effects, it may cause feelings of drowsiness. Users are therefore advised to exercise extra caution while undergoing treatment since and not operate any machinery or engage in activities where accidents may occur.

Cautions – Soma should not be prescribed during pregnancy or while breast feeding since it could result in very detrimental effects upon the unborn child or infant. If there is a medical history of mild intermittent porphyria, asthma, liver problems or former substance abuse then it is as well to discuss the situation with your doctor prior to taking the medication. Soma should only be taken for a duration lasting no longer than 2-3 weeks after which further use can lead to addiction.

You should be aware of all the withdrawal symptoms linked to this condition. They can include nausea, stomach cramps and headaches just to mention a few. To prevent such symptoms from occuring the patient needs to gradually reduce the dosage over a period of time.

But when Soma is used for longer than the usual recommended duration, the chances of developing an addiction to soma is quite high. Before taking a Soma prescription it is always advisable to seek advice from a physician. This drug has the effect of causing addictive effects when used inappropriately and proper care needs to be taken during the period of consumption. The extent to which one can become hooked on this medication greatly varies depending on the user’s level of tolerance.

Most physicians will assist their patients in planning for regular dose-reduction courses. Patients are advised to never stop taking the medication abruptly. Should this happen even more intense symptoms can result which may prompt the user to take more doses of the substance all over again. With a doctor’s assistance, one can gradually reduce dosage back down to a standard level.